Edwin van der Sande, a self-taught filmmaker from the Netherlands, has been granted the opportunity to travel the world ever since he began his filmmaking journey. He discovered the tangible impact of his short documentaries and decided to pursue a career in freelance filmmaking and photography, with the hope of inspiring others with his work along the way.

Throughout his career, he has developed a unique cinematic language to convey a diverse range of stories, each with a common underlying message aimed at inspiring or triggering critical thought. Edwin's work is grounded in this foundation, and he continually strives to push creative boundaries and tell captivating stories that leave a lasting impact.

Contact me directly at edwin@edwinvandersande.com

Edwin van der Sande is a self taught filmmaker hailing from The Netherlands, but has been given the privilege to travel all over the world ever since picking up the camera.

Encouraged by the tangible effects of the short documentaries he made he embarked on a freelance image creating career as both a filmmaker and photographer. Hoping to inspire people along the way.

During the process he developed a cinematic language to tell a varying range of stories that all share a similar building block, an underlying message that aims to inspire and/or triggers critical thought.

Contact me directly at edwin@edwinvandersande.com